Set Yourself Apart in the Kansas City Real Estate Game

Getting a foothold in any real estate market, let alone in Kansas City real estate, could be a monumental task. In areas where there is a high demand for real estate, where there are multiple realtors in every county, everywhere you turn, getting yourself to stand out from the crowd could be a challenge. For prospective buyers, it all seems the same: similar core values, similar approaches. They will undoubtedly be looking for someone who just seems to catch their eye.

It’s time to make your brand stand out, and that can be easily done with some printing tricks that will catch anyone’s eye.Make Sure Everything is Consistent

In the chaos of the Kansas City real estate market, consumers are bombarded with all sorts of marketing paraphernalia and styles. Plenty of companies have an ever-changing wheel of posters, print items, and more to try to catch people’s attention. But keeping your brand design and identity consistent is what makes you stand out. The same colors, styles, and designs on a billboard, a poster, other print items will establish your brand’s identity. Consumers will see the colors and style and immediately identify your brand with it, making it easier to remember, and thus the first they will look to.

A Showstopping Business Card

Your business card is part of your identity, and you need to make use of it to show you’re above and beyond the competition in the Kansas City real estate market. Be creative with your business card: use a tactile, texturized paper that reminds customers through touch. Gold embossing can catch the eye. The use of laser cut shapes makes them look better quality. High gloss cards that show off a brilliant home in full color is another excellent idea. With an amazing card, customers will remember your brand and pass the knowledge to others.

Picture-Perfect Postcards

Funnel even more attention towards your gorgeous Kansas City real estate property portfolio through the use of postcards. Printed in thick, high GSM paper, in high gloss photo printing, will make them like virtual postcards that people would want to pick up and use. Customers and potential leads can use them as postcards themselves or even put them up on the fridge as a “goal” home if they look alluring enough. It’ll be seen by friends and family and they’ll want to know about the amazing home in the photo!

Clever printing can give you a real edge in the real estate market. In Kansas City, that could mean a huge difference: it could mean closing the big deal and broadening your customer base in ways you never thought possible.Contact us at Print Time if you’re ready to level up your printing game today.

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