The Value of Brand Integrity and its Presence in Branding

In this era of marketing, especially in the rise of heavy digital marketing, brand integrity has been a higher priority than ever for many companies. Having this level of equity in your brand can mean the success or the downfall of a company’s presence in the market. After all, the brand is the image that the company presents to the world; it is what the customers see and it directly reflects how they feel about a company and its services. Many companies take pains in designing their brand to accurately reflect the image they want to be seen as.

What is it, and why is it important?

The company’s brand is its image, its symbol, and the immediate presence that customers associate with them. Overall, it’s the customer’s perception of the company. Therefore, a company’s brand integrity is intrinsically tied to its customer perception. Can the company fulfill the promises it makes? Does it deliver on the services it offers? Have they proven themselves reliable, and a company that customers can readily refer to other customers in the market?

Relation to brand recognition

A company proving itself to be reliable, professional, and able to deliver on its customer promises ultimately raises its perception in the customer base. It becomes more well-known, and its branding becomes familiar as more and more users turn to that company for its services. This is where brand recognition comes to play. As more customers relate brand integrity to a logo or a branding concept by the company, its recognition also begins to rise. This is why familiar company brands such as Coca Cola, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and other major brands are always the first to come to mind: they have the brand integrity, and they have the brand recognition.

Building a brand means to innately tie it into the company’s overall integrity. When branding a company, it’s more than just expressing its name and values into a logo or company concept. It’s an overall image that customers will know and trust when the company proves its reliability and presence in the industry.
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