The Kansas City Business Guide to Getting the Perfect Print

What some of the Kansas City business offices tend to overlook when requesting prints for peripherals, brochures, and banners is that it’s never just about printing. It’s not just handing a photo over to the printers and having them blow it up to banner size. There are many aspects to ensuring that the final print copy is produced with the highest quality possible.

Why is this important?

Just “good enough” won’t do when it comes to printing for business. The final product will be representing your brand and your company’s identity. Ultimately, the level of professionalism in the design and images will be what introduces you to the thousands of consumers living in Kansas City. Business will largely depend on a first impression. You need to make it a good one.

Vital things to remember:

  1. If you’re using an image, ensure that it’s a high-resolution photo

Using an image can be tricky if you don’t know what the requirements are. You simply cannot download any item off the web or social media and think it’s ready to print. It’s advisable that any image sent to print is sent in large format print. That means being scaled to approximately 300dpi. This is particularly important for posters, banners, and billboard printing. A low quality, low-resolution image will virtually “explode”, pixelating on the print, and will appear terrible on the resulting print.

  1. Cost optimization is key

Any Kansas City business wants to get noticed through a proper print campaign. They might start to look at the top of the competition and seek out an expensive, specialized custom-print campaign for exorbitant costs. Yet oftentimes, such cost-intensive campaigns aren’t necessary. Familiarize yourself with what printing can do and then select an excellent printer with a good reputation that can deliver great work with generic orders.

  1. Choose a local printer

The last thing that you want is to wait for a print order for a convention, a major event, or a launch, and find that your order is experiencing delays as it comes in from a different state. Instead, select a local printer within Kansas City. Business owners will do well to carefully canvas the available options and select an excellent printer nearby, so they can check in on how the prints are progressing, request mockups, and be a part of the process.

Excellent printing can make a huge difference in how a brand is perceived. To learn more about quality printing in Kansas City, head to Print Time and see what amazing printing can do for your business. 

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