Understanding digital label printers

Digital label printing has become increasingly popular, as it is far more convenient for businesses. Digital label printers do not need plates or pre-press preparation and instead could print out the labels directly to the materials using digital files. This has significantly reduced the production time, as clients just have to provide the digital file, and the printers would do the rest.

This kind of printing is applicable across a variety of industries. Any product that requires a label could benefit from digital label printing. From a shampoo bottle to a food product, virtually anything and everything utilizes labels.

It’s good for bulk orders or limited runs.

Small businesses and big corporations all utilize digital label printing. The only difference is the kind of digital label printers that they use. Small businesses would tend to own compact printers that they can use on-site for a limited run. Meanwhile, those who need a large amount of labels for their products would turn to professional printers with their heavy-duty printers.
Regardless of the amount of print a company may need, professional printers can provide it.

It comes in different finishes.

What sets digital label printing apart from traditional printing is how the finish could make a difference to the product. For example, some would prefer to use varnishing to protect their labels from abrasion, while others prefer to laminate the labels to protect them from oils, chemicals, and water. Digital label printers can also offer other finishes more applicable to the product and how it would be protected as time passes.

It minimizes complexity.

Finally, an advantage of digital label printing is that it significantly minimizes the complexity of the printouts. After agreeing with the professional printer about the final output, the labels would be ready to be applied to the products, as they often come pre-cut. There would be no need to cut each piece by hand manually – you take the labels and stick them where needed.
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