Sustainable printing: What you need to know!

Sustainable printing: What you need to know

Sustainability has become the trend in recent years as more and more consumers are more conscious of how their actions affect the environment. Here’s where sustainable printing could come in handy: given the current demand for sustainability, many people are more vigilant about the products they use and the companies they support. By embracing sustainable ways of printing, you’d be able to continue to attract new clients while still doing your part for the environment, too.

Here’s how you can do so.

Avoid wastage.

A key message to sustainability is to avoid wastage — and in printing, this is very common. If you want to control the amount you print, turn to print-on-demand, which allows you to print only the exact copies you need. You don’t have to deal with excessive volume or extra materials; you only have exactly how much you will use.

Use greener products.

Sustainable printing has come a long way. There are now eco-friendly and plant-based inks that shun petroleum-based inks. Aside from being friendly to the planet, these inks also produce brighter colors, so the designs tend to pop more. Sustainable paper is also on the rise, which combines recycled paper instead of virgin materials.


Plant-based inks are easier to remove during the recycling process than traditional ink. You can also avoid single-use materials and try to reuse some of your old collaterals. You could turn them into art or cut-out messages for an edgy way to communicate. The possibilities are endless.

Embrace sustainable printing.

Do so by printing on both sides of the paper, avoiding wasting ink and resources, and maximizing your margins. For more creative campaigns, make sure that the content you’re producing is unique and would add value to your consumers. The idea is that your printouts must be essential — and you are not just contributing to the clutter and trash.

There are more ways to embrace sustainable ways of printing today. Contact us at Print Time for more information.

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