What to Consider Before Choosing a Managed Print Service

Managed print services have the potential to save businesses plenty of time and money. Most importantly, they can eliminate a lot of the stress and concerns usually associated with setting up printing needs for a business.

Managed print service providers (MSPs) are businesses that handle a company’s printing overall printing needs. This may include large-scale or printed campaigns and day-to-day printing and copying needs. Instead of going through many different vendors for different occasions, the business now has a consistent service provider for these matters.

Choosing a managed print provider, therefore, should be a careful process. Consider asking them the following questions before you opt for their services.

 What is your range of services?

Ideally, your business should have an MPS that has numerous options — large prints, campaign prints, day-to-day, and even provisions for print cartridges. A great service provider should monitor print devices, automatically replenish lowering supplies, and provide support services as needed.

Will the services be more cost-efficient for me in the long run?

You need to get a vendor that can offer you a competitive price for long-term benefits. The size of your business, how often you need materials printed, and the amount of what is printed will factor into the overall price. The goal is to use a managed print service to lessen your company’s financial and logistical burden.

What does a contract include?

Always look at the details of an offered contract. Consider the inclusions: from products to services, maintenance schedules, and more. Weigh them against what won’t be included in their services and contract. Does the contract not have anything that your company might consider non-negotiable for a managed print service?

What’s your security like?

Finally, always ask about security protocols. Suppose the company will be handling remote printing and have control of printed material containing proprietary company information. In that case, they also need to ensure that your data and your materials are in safe hands. Consult with them about security procedures and software they use.

Choosing the right managed print service can save your company tens of thousands in printing and maintenance every year and essentially clear your headaches on your printed media concerns. Make sure you choose one that suits your company’s needs.

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