KC Printing: Creative Ways to Utilize Print for Your Business During This Pandemic

The business landscape in Kansas City has changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic. As a result, local businesses have to adjust their marketing approach. KC printing services can help companies attract and retain customers despite challenges such as decreased foot traffic and changed consumer behavior

With a creative strategy in place, businesses can get themselves noticed and remembered. Through printing services, they can:

Communicate new services

Because of travel restrictions and social distancing limitations, many businesses offer services that make purchasing their products and services more convenient. These include curbside pick-up, contactless payments, and home delivery. Companies can let their customers know about these new services by displaying the information prominently on signs, take-out menus, and mailers. 

Inform customers about their product’s safety

Because of COVID-19 fears, many customers are concerned about the cleanliness and

sanitation processes of the businesses they purchase from. Businesses can allay

these fears by utilizing KC printing services. 

They can have safety labels and product guarantees printed on food or product packaging labels. Restaurants can place sticker-seals on take-out bags with a bit of text on how their food is prepared according to strict cleanliness standards. 

Excite and engage customers 

Print ads with interactive elements provide a memorable experience to customers. For example, QR codes can be placed on everything from brochures to flyers. When scanned, QR codes can lead customers to a business’ landing page or their e-commerce site. They can also be used to deliver digital coupons and other incentives. 

Stay at the forefront of their customers’ minds 

If your company was closed or partially operational at the beginning of the pandemic,

let your customers know you’re back in business through direct mail. Providers

of KC printing services can design brochures and flyers to announce your return. They can also create coupon postcards, which are a great way to thank existing customers while reminding them of your products or services. They can also be used to incentivize leads

to purchase from your company. 

Whether used on their own or in tandem with digital ads, print marketing materials can help businesses reach their marketing goals even amidst the pandemic. By thinking out of the box, companies can leverage printing services to differentiate their offerings while engaging and exciting their customers. 

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