Saving Cost on Printing: How to Spend Less and Get More

Even in an increasingly digital world, print marketing remains popular among businesses of all sizes. Marketing with print materials delivers excellent ROI, and you can further increase how much you’re saving. Cost-cutting strategies such as the following allow your business to make your print marketing budget go even further. 

Consider bulk printing

Offset printing is an excellent choice for printed materials that require accurate color reproduction, such as image-heavy brochures. However, it can be expensive.  


The printer will need to set up their commercial printing press to do the job, using large plates and wet ink to transfer designs to paper. The high costs of setting up an offset printing press contribute to the price you pay in printing costs.


With bulk printing, the printer only needs to set up the printing press once to print out large volumes of the same design. This makes bulk printing cheaper than getting a single design produced via multiple runs, saving cost without compromising the print quality. If you think that you’ll need to reprint your materials in the future, consider having them all done now to save money.


Opt for digital printing

An alternative to traditional offset printing, digital printing is the fastest way to print short runs. It works by transferring designs directly from the computer to the paper. Since the printing company’s set-up costs are minimal, the savings are passed on to you.


Use standard paper sizes

It is generally more economical to print on standard paper sizes such as A3 and A4 than on custom-sized paper. Before designing your brochure, flyer, or other printed material, talk with your printing service provider, and ask for recommendations. They will be able to suggest sizes that will help you with saving cost on printing expenses.  


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