Why Brochure Printing Has Never Been Obsolete

As Print Time continues to produce marketing collaterals for businesses, brochure printing continues to be a standard service. Many people, especially ones who spend much time online, might consider them obsolete. Brochures seem almost like a nuisance, especially when forcibly handed out or packed with spam mail. 

But many benefits can be gleaned from the use of brochures, even in the digital age, and here are some of them.

  • It saves time

People might notice brochures as a frequent feature in waiting areas and sales floors of businesses. Brochures have all the pertinent sales literature ready to read and for the customer to peruse through. Brochure printing can help the salespeople on the floor reach more customers at once, saving time and energy rather than explaining everything to everyone.

  • It heightens curiosity

A well-designed brochure with creative printing or shape can attract attention better than any poster. People are naturally curious and would be interested in unfolding or taking a look at a creative brochure. And once they’ve been “hooked” by design, they naturally take the time to read what is actually on it.

  • It maintains brand awareness.

Brochures on the business floor, in the mail, in trade shows, opening days, and more become similar to a company calling card. Brochure printing is a cost-effective strategy for maintaining the brand in the customer’s mind. They will take the brochures with them, associate the colors and branding with the company, and are more likely to remember them after having read some sales literature from them.

  • They promote everything else.

A brochure could carry QR codes that customers can scan, leading them instantly to the website. They can have the details for the company’s social media pages, and they can even have coupons to be used for sales and promos. Brochures remain one of the most versatile forms of marketing that link to everything else.

Brochure printing isn’t obsolete; on the contrary, it’s becoming an incredibly useful form of marketing that businesses should take advantage of. Visit Print Time to learn more about brochures and printing them the right way.


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