Print Time Answers: Which Businesses Could Benefit from Printing Flyers?

Printing flyers hasn’t gone obsolete, and Print Time knows it. Even with a big piece of the marketing pie moving to digital, many businesses benefit from the widespread use of flyers. Done the right way, brochures can be a tremendous benefit to particular companies looking to capture local customers’ attention.

Small or Startup Businesses

Using flyers is a low-cost option for marketing. Unlike big promotional gestures like billboards, effective digital marketing campaigns, and more, choosing to use flyers won’t require a considerable amount of capital. Printing flyers and distributing them among high traffic places costs far less than most strategies. Since saving money on capital is vital to small businesses, it’s a great option to start getting the word out.

Travel Industry

Speaking of high-traffic places, businesses involved in the travel industry can also benefit from using flyers. Places like airports, train stations, ferry docks, and more are places where crowds of people typically stand and wait in line. The atmosphere of travel also permeates through these areas. Businesses who deal in travel can use flyers in this area; people would be more likely to pick them up and read them as they wait, and they’re in the right mindset to be interested in traveling. Printing flyers work as an efficient lead-generating option.

Food and Groceries 

People love sales, promos, and most of all, they love coupons. So, if you have a small grocery store, a bodega, a café, or even a restaurant, people would always be drawn to some discounts for goods or food. And what better way to promote them than with the use of flyers? The flyers could have tear-away coupons in them, ready for use. Better still, flyers can support digital marketing efforts to be printed with QR codes or bar codes that customers can scan for special offers.

To wrap things up: printing flyers can do more for a business than most people think. It’s a visible, useful marketing tool for businesses everywhere, for good reasons: They’re eye-catching, useful in many ways, and can apply to different companies. As long as they are utilized the right way, flyers can be a great tool to get customers in the door.

 The key to great flyers is sharp printing, striking colors, and great design. Visit PrintTime to learn more about how to make great flyers.

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