Print Time asks: Does print still have a place in advertising? Experts weigh in

Many marketers have expressed fear that the advent of the digital era marks the end of print advertising. But is this really the case, or is print here to stay? Experts at the Forbes Communications Council weigh in, and we at Print Time are here to summarize the findings.

Forbes Communications Council is comprised of senior-level communications and public relations professionals. It goes without saying that the opinions mentioned below are all coming from industry experts.

Print has to complement digital interactions

We’ve written about this in a previous blog, and Jeannie Ruesch agrees. In the Forbes article, Jeannie says that print ads would do well if they complement digital campaigns by encouraging your audience to engage with your brand online.

Sherry Jhawar suggests that advertising with influencers may reengage consumers. Offline entities could also trigger more readership, widening your reach if you invest in print ads.

Physical customer presence bodes well for print

On the other hand, print continues to thrive for businesses with a physical customer presence. Dave Matli says in the Forbes article that print is a good idea when there is physical contact with the target audience, such as a doctor’s waiting room. Matli also echoes what we previously wrote about seniors who read long-copy mailers and are good targets for direct mail.

Then again, Ashley Murphy says glossy magazines and major publications are great avenues for print advertising. In fact, luxury consumers and clients are likely to interact with print media — as long as the campaigns are multidimensional, which goes back to its interactivity with digital.

In summary, print advertising can still help your company become competitive — especially if you tie your print campaigns with your online branding. Learn more about how you can leverage print today with Print Time.



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