Print Time Offers Tips For Brochures and Flyers on A Budget

To get the most return on investment with your brochure and flyer marketing campaign, you need to find ways to combine great design with cost-effectiveness. There are many ways to make your brochure effective without going over the budget.

Use compelling copy.

If the content is excellent, it will influence your customers. Great brochures and flyers don’t have to be printed on high-quality paper or glossy printing. That said, compelling copy is key to great print marketing, so give them something to create an impression.

Catchy phrases and headlines are good for brand retention. Furthermore, provide them with the information they need, such as services and products pertinent to their interests.

Have eye-catching design.

Some brochures and flyers have a unique design that prompts the audience to reach out and grab them. Businesses go the extra mile and change the flyer’s shape and folding mechanism. If the brochure or flyer has an out-of-the-box appearance, it’s more intriguing to customers.

Choose an excellent print method.

A superb printer can make a brochure and flyer campaign look good without breaking the bank. Specialized printing techniques could provide quality printing without becoming too expensive. For example, a brochure or a flyer may be monochromatic black and white, but you still get crisp, quality printing if a laser printer prints it instead of an inkjet one.

Use the proper marketing channels.

Finally, the best way to get a great ROI on a low-cost but well-designed print marketing campaign is to use the proper channels. Don’t just hand out brochures and flyers at the corner—place them in locations where people are more likely to pick them up, read them, or take one for themselves. From waiting areas to industry-relevant offices or businesses are good locations to choose from.

Print Time fully believes that you don’t have to have a massive marketing budget to get quality brochures and flyers. It’s about utilizing strengths and doing the simple concepts perfectly.

Print Time has several options for businesses planning to do a print marketing campaign. Visit to get your brochures printed quickly and with good quality.



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