Smart printing: Why you should embrace black and white print

While colorful printouts are the norm in marketing, more and more companies are now embracing black and white print. From corporate logos, brochures, and flyers, to t-shirts, magazines, and posters, many firms are now going for a two-toned future. Here’s why switching to black and white is a smart choice:


Choosing to print in black and white is easier on the pocket in comparison to colored printing. This translates to savings, depending on how many materials you need regularly. Colored printouts use at least four ink cartridges — black, cyan, magenta, and yellow — to produce the perfect, vibrant marketing printout you need. And the more colorful your material is, the more ink it is likely to use — which is why printing companies charge you more for a colored material. Meanwhile, going for black and white print only uses a black ink cartridge. Since you would use fewer materials, the quotation for your items would be lower too.


A company’s sustainability program is often highlighted nowadays, and consumers are quick to “cancel” a company that is not deemed sustainable or eco-friendly. For this reason, you must consider the amount of waste your marketing materials could produce. Black and white print can help your company become more sustainable. Ink cartridges are made of plastic and chemicals that may be toxic to the environment and eventually go into landfills. Since black and white printouts only use one cartridge versus the typical four ink cartridges used in colored printing, you would then be producing just a quarter of waste than if you went full color.


Your printer will likely give you a shorter turnaround time for black-and-white orders since they are printed out faster. Colored printing requires the equipment to mix colors from the four cartridges to produce the perfect shade you need in your materials, making the printer heat up, and then it requires more time to cool down. This process is skipped with black and white printing.

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